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Auto-publishing from Typegram to Telegram

Formatting posts in telegram is not very convenient. Usually, you have to use bots and type text manually in a markdown. Write to yourself - to see what happened. And if you need to insert in the post a link to the picture - then this is inconvenient doubly.

Today on typegram appeared the experimental mode of autopublishing to telegram. The site has a convenient editor, with autosave, uploading pictures, editing and publishing. Now, there is the possibility of automatic publication to telegram.

All what you need:

  • add @type2telegrambot as administrator in channel

  • add telegram channel in profile settings

That’s all. At the next publication - the typegram converts the post into a telegram markup and publishes it. Public and private channels are supported. And you can edit article directly on the site.

Feel free to test it!